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making the complex, simple

The Immersive division, led by The Creative Engagement Group, engages business and consumer audiences through the creation and delivery of live experiences, film, immersive, interactive, learning, training and scientific content. The Creative Engagement Group works with an international blue-chip client base with a particular strength in healthcare.

The nature of engagement with internal and external audiences is changing and our Immersive division supports its clients by providing expertise across a range of engagement channels:

  • Live Events and Meetings, which, given their ability to create deeper levels of engagement, is a category which has recently seen 19 consecutive quarters of increased client marketing confidence and spend. Other types of ‘experiences’ are also on the rise, for example pop-up shops are growing in popularity as a way of building intimate relationships with customers and creating unique experiences.
  • Film, which is of increasing importance with video streaming accounting for 58% of global online data traffic and 82% of online traffic expected to be video by 2021. With origins in film production, we create and produce a full range of films from short-form internal engagement films, to broadcast-quality documentaries, to mode of action demonstrations.
  • VR, AR and Instructional Design – with the global Immersive market predicted to reach $215 billion by 2021, we develop immersive experiences that cover a range of client requirements, from training employees to explaining complex science.
  • Interactive channels play a key role: internet marketing continues to grow year-onyear and so our capabilities in digital strategy and development are utilised for a range of clients and audiences.
  • Employee Engagement is key – as there is a greater corporate requirement for employee engagement, and a sharp rise in employees working remotely, we design a range of strategic and creative programmes to engage internal audiences for global businesses across a range of sectors.
  • Given the growing requirement for employees to understand and learn increasingly complicated information in categories including healthcare, we provide our clients with training and learning solutions that change behaviour and improve performance.

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